Wireless Mesh

Wireless Mesh

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Project Summary

EPRI is exploring the various power management approaches suitable for large lower-power wireless mesh deployments. In addition, this project will use the benefits of wireless sensors to demonstrate the value of a sensor suite that can potentially be rapidly deployed to address short-term problems that arise in a substation. A final project goal is to demonstrate the integration of wireless sensors into an IEC61850 compliant architecture.

Project Status

Project Phase: Demonstration

The learnings from an earlier demonstration of a large wireless mesh are now being applied to the application of a new wireless mesh deployment. The focus of the next deployment is wireless sensor integration into a laboratory environment that mimics the corporate architecture.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Research into power management approaches Yes 100%
Development of temporary, rapidly deployable sensor mesh 12/2011 20%
Demonstration of integration of the wireless sensors into an IEC61850 compliant architecture TBD 0%


Demonstration Site Map
Demonstration Site Map