Wireless Acoustic Emission Sensors

Wireless Acoustic Emission Sensors

Project Summary

EPRI is performing field demonstrations of wireless acoustic sensors to assess the benefits for diagnostics of substation apparatus. The wireless aspects allow for sensor deployments in areas otherwise inaccessible.

The acoustic emission aspects allow for detection of internal partial discharge activity without the need to modify the apparatus (i.e. the acoustic emission sensors simply attach to the outer enclosure). The field demonstrations to-date have focused on current transformers.

Project Status

Project Phase: Demonstration

The project presently has ten wireless acoustic emission sensors in a 765kV substation. The sensors are harvesting solar energy. The sensor system has been recently upgraded to improve range and robustness.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Short-term field demonstrations on 69kV CTs and PTs Yes 100%
Long-term field demonstrations on 765kV CTs 12/2011 80%


Demonstration Site Map
Demonstration Site Map