Vibration Sensor Suite

Vibration Sensor Suite

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Project Summary

This project is developing a suite of low-cost RF sensors that measure vibration in three axes. The sensors can report the results in real-time or store the results for future analysis. The sensors can be attached to:

  • Conductors (see the project summary for the conductor/connector sensor)
  • Insulator assemblies
  • Structures

Further research and development is underway to improve algorithms and to provide accurate time syncing between individual sensors so that relative motion between sensors can be more accurately determined.

Project Status

Project Phases: Development, Lab Testing, and Demonstration

Sensors that collect three dimensional acceleration have been developed and tested on laboratory vibration test rigs. The data is transmitted to a local base station where it is collected and delivered to a central server. Initial algorithms are under development, which are implemented on the server. When finalized, these algorithms will be implemented on the individual sensors. Two demonstrations are planned for mid-2011.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Sensor development 6/2012 50%
Initial field demonstration 6/2011 90%


Demonstration Site Map
Demonstration Site Map
Demonstration Site Map
Vibration sensor test