Sensor-SCADA Integration

Sensor-SCADA Integration

Additional Information

Project Summary

The project aims to provide a standardized access to sensor data for utility RTU/SCADA systems, archive sensor data in local substation databases, and to provide advanced visualization and user interfaces. The goal is to improve the availability of sensor data for utility use, standardize the sensor communication interface to facilitate data integration, and provide enhanced visualization to support better situational awareness and decision making.

Project Status

Project Phase: Demonstration

A demo system has been set up in the EPRI Charlotte lab. Tests have been performed using overhead sensors, EPRI ZAP (Wireless Sensor Access Point), and utility SCADA and substation automation systems.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Research on standardizing the communication interface 12/2010 Yes 100%
Implement the communication interface 12/2010 Yes 100%
Develop GUI and local database 12/2010 Yes 100%
Demonstrate the overall system in the EPRI lab 12/2010 Yes 100%


Sensor Lab Photo
Transmission Line sensor visualization example