Power Harvesting & Storage

Power Harvesting & Storage

Why Harvest and Store Power?

Wireless sensors have the potential to provide many benefits to utility operations. However, the requirement to regularly replace batteries reduces the practicality of the technology. Given that there is not a ready supply of mains power, other ways to harvest and store power must be found.

Types of Power Harvesting

There are a variety of possible sources for the harvesting of energy:

Power Harvesting
  • Solar
  • Vibration
  • Magnetic and electric fields
  • Thermal differences
  • Radio Frequency (RF) energy

Development Approach

In 2010, the test bed was designed and components were acquired and built. Implementation of the automation and control of the power harvesting test bed components is underway, as is the design of the test protocols.


There are a number of challenges to the harvesting and storage of power. These challenges include storage in low-temperature conditions, the lifespan of components (especially in harsh environments), and the intermittent nature of the identified energy sources.