Power Harvesting for Sensors

Power Harvesting for Sensors

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Project Summary

Sensors require a power source to measure and communicate results. EPRI has research and demonstration of power harvesting and storage options for sensors that will eliminate the need for batteries or mains power. While wireless technologies offer significant potential advantages to utility operations, the regular replacement of batteries represents a significant hurdle to realizing these benefits. Power harvesting and storage could overcome this hurdle.

Project Status

Project Phase: Development

In 2010, the State of the Science review was completed, the test bed was designed, and components were acquired and built. Implementation of the automation and control for the power harvesting test bed components and the design of the test protocols is underway.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
State of the Science review Yes 100%
Test bed development Yes 100%
Test protocols 12/2011 0%
Laboratory tests 12/2011 0%