On-Line FRA

On-Line FRA

Project Summary

The project's goal is to perform field demonstrations of the concept of on-line Frequency Response Analysis (FRA). The project will help to both understand the unique benefits of this new approach and to refine the approach by optimization of the on-line FRA algorithms.

Project Status

Project Phase: Demonstration

The installation for the pilot was successfully completed on a distribution transformer with an LTC. This is the first demonstration that includes an LTC. This is significant, as a unique on-line FRA baseline exists for each LTC position and thus adds significant learning to this phase of the project. The next step is a further novel application to three single-phase 765kV transformers.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Field deployment on a 3-phase network transformer Yes 10%
Field deployment on three single-phase 765kV transformer bank 12/2012 10%
Field deployment on an LTC-equipped transformer 12/2012 10%


Demonstration Site Map
Demonstration Site Map