NCI Inspection Robot

NCI Inpsection Robot

Project Summary

A robot is being developed that crawls along and inspects a transmission line non-ceramic insulator (NCI), also called a composite or polymer insulator. The initial sensor payload for the robot will be the Live Working NCI Inspection Tool that EPRI is developing to identify internal conditions that may preclude live work.

Project Status

Project Phases: Fundamental R&D and Development

A functional specification and a concept for the robot have been developed. A detailed design for a technology demonstrator has been completed and the device is currently being constructed. The next phase is to test the technology demonstrator, confirm that the concept works, and identify improvements.

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
Functional specification 8/2010 100%
Detailed design of technology demonstrator 12/2010 100%
Build technology demonstrator 5/2011 80%
Test technology demonstrator 7/2011 0%
Identify feasibility and improvements 8/2011 0%