Assessment of Substation Sensors

Assessment of Substation Sensors

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Project Summary

Condition monitoring of substation equipment has an inherent value based on preventing failure; maximizing future operation of the equipment; appropriately scheduling and determining the extent of inspections and maintenance; providing for personnel safety; and protecting the environment. New and emerging sensing and diagnostic technologies play a strong role in helping utilities achieve this goal. Many utilities are unaware of these technologies and how best to interpret and implement them. This project documents the latest inspection, monitoring, and diagnostics technologies for substations, as well as early adopters' experiences, thus providing supporting industry data and research results to make these important decisions. It also researches new technologies and develops novel methodologies to help develop the foundations for improved condition monitoring strategies.

Project Status

Project Phase: Development

This project is ongoing as part of the base project Next Generation Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics (P37.113).

Task Descriptions

Task Due Date Completed % Complete
2011 Sensor Database Development 12/2011 70%
Evaluation of sensor developments from multiple industries 12/2011 80%
Evaluation of sensor technologies for substations 12/2012 0%
Infrared Pocket Guide Updating 12/2012 0%
Research into Surge Arresters failure modes and monitoring techniques 12/2012 0%